Hodge Western Corp Mission

Hodge western corp team

Our mission at Hodge Western Corp is to excel at the intersection of production and quality for complex projects across the U.S.

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Since the beginning, we’ve led with collaboration, respect, innovation, and an unparalleled work ethic.


Alex Hodge has served the construction industry for nearly 20 years. While spending much of that time as a general contractor doing heavy civil work in his home state of Oregon, Alex developed a passion for specialty services. Passions turned to evolutions, and Hodge Western Corp was founded as the specialty contractor arm of Alex Hodge Construction. The focus of Hodge Western Corp is specialty underground utility projects across the United States—and specifically, how traditional means and methods can be optimized through technology, innovation, and hard work.


Hodge Western Corp believes that safety is the foundation of all other priorities our company is built off. Our excellent safety record is a product of uncompromising focus on keeping our team and those around them safe and leveraging safety protocols as a planning tool for the task(s) at hand. We are quick to listen to new and innovative approaches to project safety and even quicker to speak up if we see something that will jeopardize our staff and/or partners.


These are the values we hold ourselves to as a company and individuals.


Nothing we do at Hodge Western Corp is proprietary. Every decision in the utility trenching process impacts other aspects of the enterprise. We know communication and open-mindedness are crucial for our work to be effective. 


To work in our industry, we need to have respect for our clients, the land, the larger scope of the project, and the specialized machinery we use. 

Emerging Innovation

We’re passionate about finding new ways to do old things better. The technology we use and invest in is critically important to our work. That’s why we try to stay on the leading edge of innovation in the industry. 

Work Ethic

Our team shows up time and time again with professionalism, dedication, and forward-thinking. We deliver our best work for every bid.

Hodge Western Corp Team

We’re proud to work with the best in the business. The team at Hodge Western Corp is dedicated and passionate and takes a collaborative approach to every project. 

Working through the full scope of a project starts with our estimating, pre-construction, and business development teams. Our talented project management team takes over from there and works cohesively with a network of team members, including the customer(s), to ensure timely project success. Whether it is one of our field superintendents, foremen, operators, or administrative staff, we all are focused together on project safety and customer success.