A Utility Contractor With Range

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Whether 100 miles of trench or a single day of work, our crews safely maximize your job production with class-leading technology, machinery, and human resources. We’re proud to serve as a nationwide utility contractor with a proven track record and solutions mindset.

Where We Have Worked 

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Industries We Serve

Renewable energy (including utility-scale solar, wind energy installations, and battery storage facilities)
Industrial, residential, and manufacturing developments

Public utility infrastructure development

Rural water system utilities and transmission pipelines

Transmission pipelines

Fiber optic

Since the beginning, we’ve been passionate about finding new ways to do old things better. Our complex investigation into our customers’ needs produces streamlined services utilizing innovative technology and industry-leading methods for unparalleled precision.

HWC drilling service, utility contractor
HWC utility contractor team

Rock Trenching

With the largest fleet of large rock trenching in the western United States, we produce a clean, dimensional trench and can tailor configurations to meet the needs of most projects.

Single-Pass Utility Installation

We can execute scopes from full crew to individual machines and operators. Our single-pass utility installation services include multiple configurations for large renewable projects and fiber optic installations. 

Directional Drilling

Our directional drilling services can execute up to 16” in diameter for wet and dry utilities under existing utilities, easements, waterways, and roadways. Our process is safer, less invasive, and more efficient than traditional open trenches.

How We Work: A Utility Contractor Crew With Heart

No matter the project scope or the challenging rock, we’re a utility contractor who gets the job done on time and every time. Our crew consists of dedicated and passionate individuals with decades of industry experience. We take an innovative, collaborative approach to complex projects and work cohesively with our team members and customer(s) to ensure timely project completion.

With begin each project with respect, collaboration, and an unparalleled work ethic.