Performing Complex Rock Trenching, Single-Pass Utility Installation, and Directional Drilling Across Multiple Industries

HWC services, rock trenching and more
Our approach combines traditional means and methods with advanced technology and a willingness to think outside the box to find new and innovative solutions. We work one-on-one with our customers, oftentimes in the early design phases, to develop strategies for meeting the requirements of each job. Our rock trenching, single-pass utility installation, and directional drilling services put an emphasis on the highest level of safety, optimizing production, and maximizing quality.

Rock Trenching

We have the largest fleet of large rock trenchers in the western United States. Mitigating rock with our lineup of rock saws results in a clean, dimensional trench. Compared with hammering or blasting, rock trenching creates less site disruption and increased project efficiency. Over the years, we’ve participated in projects ranging from residential subdivision infrastructure, industrial manufacturing complexes, airport improvements, and state and federal highway projects. With projects ranging from $10k to $4 million, we have the experience, equipment, and bonding capacity to approach large and complex projects.

Our rock trenching capabilities include:
  • Experience in up to 50k PSI rock. 
  • Complete rock removal services, including but not limited to underground wet and dry utilities, MEP, manholes, and utility vaults. 
  • Machine configurations and capacities as small as 2’ deep x 1’ wide, up to 20’ deep x 60” wide or 26’ deep x 36” wide. Custom configurations tailored to meet the needs of most projects. 
  • GPS technology for auto-steer, auto-depth, and as-builts.
  • Mechanically and hydraulic driven trenchers ranging in size from 70k pounds to 300k pounds. 
  • Laboratory testing performed on project rock samples in order to properly configure teeth and chain patterns to maximize production.

Single-Pass Utility Installation

The HWC team has the experience and capabilities to service a wide variety of markets ranging from renewable energy to infrastructure. Over the years, our single-pass utility installation projects have ranged from $100k to $12 million single contract values with scopes and services from full crew to individual machines and operators. 
Our single-pass utility installation capabilities include:
  • Production rates up to 250 feet per minute.
  • Multiple configurations for MV and DC cable, fiber optic, drainage tile, and rural water infrastructure. 
  • GPS capabilities to facilitate accurate as-builts and steering and depth guidance. 
  • Use of either static plow or chain trencher implement for a variety of ground conditions.


Our crew has experience serving utility and renewable energy infrastructure markets nationwide with directional drilling services. We have completed projects ranging from $30k to $1.5 million and have the resources to tackle those of any scope. 

Our directional drilling capabilities include:
  • We work to install wet and dry utilities under existing utilities, easements, waterways, and roadways. 
  • Up to 16” diameter via horizontal directional drilling.
  • Less invasive, safer, and quicker than traditional open trenches. 
  • Aligns with environmental requirements or eliminates the need for environmental studies. 
  • GPS survey upfront and GPS as-builts after. 

Safety is Our First Priority

At Hodge Western Corp, our excellent project record and established work ethic, in combination with a company culture built on safety protocols, ensures that every job is successful both above and below the ground.